Friday, December 10, 2010

Blue Bonnet Margerine Update

Good news! The good folks at ConAgra foods, who make Blue Bonnet margerine, are working hard to correct the issue of the apparent shortened sticks. Apparently, the graphics/artwork on the wrappers are not correct in depicting where each tablespoon begins and ends. Rest assured, they assured me via email that the problem will be corrected henceforth in margerine stick production. So, we can all sleep a little easier, knowing Santa will get the correct calories and texture per cookie on Christmas Eve night.

Amazing to think I may have made the world better one stick at a time! Or maybe a whole bunch of them, all at once.

On a lighter note, I am looking forward to seeing Voice Male in concert at the Ecceles Theatre on Saturday night with my son. Can't wait to be filled with a little holiday spirit.

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  1. on a follow up--Con Agra foods sent me a coupon for one FREE box of margarine, as a thank you for bringing the mismarked packaging issue to their attention. Yes, that's right, I got 4 free sticks of margarine out that little investigation.

    Sheesh! what a way to make my day! ; )