Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Good Week with Reader Reveiws

I've had a good few weeks. The sun has shined more days than not. The kids have made me laugh often. (Check out the art project one student made of my computer! It's the most adorable elephant I've ever seen!) And tasks continue to get done.

Plus! A few more readers have posted nice reviews about my books on their blogs. And I guess it makes sense. Since it IS October, The Ghost in Me has been getting some attention.

The first nod was at Melissa T Liban's blog. She is an illustrator with a unique, clean style. I just love the characters that she has created throughout her site. They are so adorable, I'd love to take one home, or at least let one take up residence on my own website. Her site is definitely one worth visiting!

The second was at Cathy Witbeck's blog. This posting was such a nice surprise to wake up to. It definitely made my day. And Cathy is right. The Ghost in Me definitely fits in with October's Hallowed Eve theme.

The Ghost in Me has also shown up on a few other sites: www.NewBookJournal.com, www.BunnyCates.com, www.Readinista.com, and www.thechildrensbookreview.com.

And last month I posted about the wonderful review that Little Red got at www.kid-lit-reviews.com

Writers couldn't go it alone in this muckity world without readers! So, THANK YOU so much to everyone who is helping get the word out!


  1. Wanted to say Hi and that I found you through the Book Lovers Blog Hop. Great blog and I'll be sure to swing by again.


  2. I too found you on the Book Lovers Blog Hop. I love the computer art project, too cool. I will follow you. Hope you will check out my blog and maybe follow too.