Saturday, May 5, 2012

Looking for a new place to Picnik?

I loved playing with photos on Picnik.

Combining the tools on Picnik with Photoshop and Artweaver, I was able to transform these photos:



When Picnik announced it was closing its doors in March, I about died. I am not necessarily fond of change that I don’t plan for, and found myself using Picnik until the last day it was open, April 19. On April 20, I even went back to see if the site was really gone. (It was.)
My life line was not completely severed, however. Picnik cheerfully suggested through the happy post on its wall that I check out a few other photo editing places: Aviary, PicMonkey, and Creative Kit in Google.

With no where else to go, I went to the doors that didn’t need knocking. Perhaps they were probably expecting me! J Low and behold, I found that my favorite tools from Picnik existed at PicMonkey. (Hooray!)

Given the new name of my latest photo-editing dig, PicMonkey makes me feel like I’ve left the grassy meadow and am now swinging Where the Wild Things Are in the jungle.
Where do you play with your photos? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

Happy writing, reading, painting, creating, everyone!

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