Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Liebster What?

The Liebster Blogger Award! I've been showered with it -- by Blondie over at the "Blondie in the Water" blog. Which means you shall be sprinkled with with outfall. Who is Blondie? Aside from being one of the smartest and most asute persons on the planet (after all, she stops by this corner of the web once in a while), she is an author who happens to be writing a book, that in my opinion, can not be done fast enough (as in, Hurry up already, Blondie!!).

What does this whole award mean? I dunno, except that it makes me feel special. An applicable definition of LIEBSTER as far as I can tell is this: beloved, darling, or sweetheart. I like being a sweetheart and I like trying to be a sweetheart. So, according the nature of the award game, this means I shall be pouring my heart and soul out to YOU in 11 questions which Blondie has put forth to me. Then I will point out 11 other blogs you should take note of.

Since Blondie is patient and kind (she gave me this award last week), and since I am gullible and ready to take the plunge, I shall dive in, as they say in Blondie's world (go on and have a peek at her blog and see what I mean!).

1. What is your favorite movie and why?
The Proposal, because it makes me laugh, especially when a furry white dog gets carried off by some huge honking eagle.

2. Who is your favorite author and why?
Drat. How can I pick one?

Because this is a tough choice, I shall simply pick the author whom I am currently reading, because she happens to have caught and KEPT my attention, which is a feat in and of itself. (Anne Ursu, Breadcrumbs) Although, now that I think about it, I LOVE Kathi Appelt because she wrote The Underneath.

3. What is the concept behind your blog?
It gives me a place to voice my opinions or share news or entertain myself without actually having to speak.

4. What is your favorite meal?
My mother's lasagna at my mother's table.

5. What would you describe as your biggest personal accomplishment?
I'm in the midst of it. Raising 3 happy kids.

6. Why are you so awesome? (I chose you, didn't I?)
I don't know! I think you think I'm awesome because you are too kind to know any better.

7. What is your favorite household appliance and why?
My turbo handheld mixer, for whipping up a good frothy cappochino every morning. For more details on the morning routine of my life, click here. (No, my spell of giving up coffee didn't last).

8. Uhhh.... I'm blushing. (You'll have to visit Blondie's blog for this one.)

9. What is your favorite holiday?
Valentines Day, because I buy 2 dozen roses and hand them out, one by one to the women I happen to see on this day in my life -- my daughter, my friends, my co-workers, etc. I love seeing their faces light up.

10. What is your favorite restaurant?
Charlie's Ice Cream Shoppe. (Dessert first, always!)

11. Which question was hardest to answer?
#3, probably because I lied.

Now the fun part. I get to share my NOMINEES for passing along this award:

1. Janet Kay Jensen
2. Blog Book Tours
3. Morgan Mandel
4. Patricia Totley
5. James Garcia
6. Daniel Coleman
7. The Write Type
8. Utah Children's Writers
9. Ken Baker Books
10. Confessions of a Reader
11. Diana's Amazing Book Adventures

Okay, Nominees!!! The torch is passed. Answer the following 5 questions below, along with 6 of your choice from the above list that Blondie asked me. Let me know when you've posted your award on your blog so I can share your wisdom and eternal goodness with the world which awaits. (Say that 3 times, fast).

1. What would it take to get you to do something crazy, like a polar bear plunge?
2. How do you like to take a good long break to recharge your life?
3. Do you prefer a good, old-fashioned malt shoppe, or something exotic like, gourmet truffles with a hint of what-not?
4. Do you prefer views from the beach or mountain trail?
5. Can you share information about an upcoming secret project that you shouldn't tell anyone about, but will because your readers are LIEBSTER readers?

Happy writing. And when you're done, Happy Living! 


  1. Hi Shaunda, what an honor to be added to this list of Liebster blogger nominees. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Hi Shaunda,
    Thanks for bestowing such a wonderful award on my blog!!!
    I'll have to think up some great answers to those questions before I continue on.

    Morgan Mandel

    1. Let me know when your post with your answers is up on your blog, so I can come visit. ;)

  3. Hi, Shaunda. Thanks so much for thinking of me. That was very nice. It's always nice to be included. For the record, I don't know whether I would have answered question 8 either. :) My wife and I definitely love The Proposal as well. Great film.
    I only post once a week over at my place as you may already know, so perhaps my response will be next Monday. We'll see. We're working 6 days a week at the dreaded day job, leaving me little time to dream something up, so there's a pretty good chance. I will be sure to give you that shout-out when I do.
    Take care.