Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good Cause for a Good Book

Since I've been feeling too bad with the flu to come up with anything worthwhile to post about the doings of my life and work, I'm writing about others.

Here's something totally cool and definitely worth checking out: James Dashner is combining a fundraiser with to kick off the release of his new book, The Journal of Curious Letters (first of the 13th Reality series), which officially hits the shelves on March 3.

My son and I have been looking forward to reading this book, so we'll be participating, especially since is a great organization. Visit The Dashner Dude's blog to see how you can get in on the action. But don't wait! The charity event only goes on from March 3 to March 9.

In the meantime, I'll take it as a good sign that my craving for Cool Ranch Doritos has returned, despite the fact that I'm sitting at my desk wearing a lounge suit and snow boots to keep warm. Write on, cheeseheads!