Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nook vs Kindle for the Indie Author

First, good news! The Ghost in Me is now available at B & N for the Nook reader. It includes the graphics that are included at the beginning of each chapter in the printed edition, with the added bonus of the pics being in color! Based on what I've seen so far, I love effect that the color images like this one add to the story. >>>>>>>

Now for my comparison of the Nook vs Kindle with respect to Indie Authors...

After going through the steep learning curve of converting The Ghost in Me to digital format for the Kindle last December, I was less than enthusiastic about repeating the process for the Nook. I'd heard that all the different readers weren't necessarily compatible. And so I slipped into the ease of procrastination--a habit I've mastered when facing difficult challenges. However, after mustering up the courage to tackle the task TODAY, I couldn't believe how easy publishing my story on Nook turned out to be!

Unlike Kindle, which required me to use Amazon's digital conversion software, Nook allows the author to simply upload their publish-ready manuscript directly from their word processing software. (I use MS Word). Nook does the conversion to digital format for the author in mere seconds. Plus, Nook was also able to handle the images that were included within the Microsoft document. The images showed up exactly where they needed to be on the reader, in color, which was a nice bonus. The whole process, beginning with setting up my indie account at B&N to publishing my book in digital format, along with all the supporting information needed to go along with it, took about an hour.

If only Kindle were so easy. Perhaps, in the near future it will be. After all, the kindle direct publishing site keeps adding new features all the time, with the intent of making it author friendly. But for now, Nook wins out in my opinion. 

I can only hope that the next two stores where I will be uploading my books--Apple's istore and Smashwords--are equally author-friendly.

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