Sunday, May 20, 2012

Publisher doors are opening...

Arthur A Levine is now accepting queries via email. As always, be sure to follow their guidelines.

Also, there is a new publisher, I Have Something To Say, with a request for submissions

And... Torrey House Press

Torrey House Press is once again open for manuscript submissions. At THP we publish fiction and nonfiction with an American West/environmental theme. We are looking in particular for creative and compelling nonfiction storytelling written for a general audience and for literary fiction with a nonfiction, natural world theme. We believe that lively, philosophical, literary storytelling can help create the public awareness necessary to inform an enlightened way of land stewardship in the New West.
And one more: Familius, focused on publishing books that bring families together.

Of course, there are much more than four publishers in the world that are open to submissions, but these should get you motivated to do a bit of digging.

Good Luck!!1

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  1. What a great share! I know of another publisher who is looking!! Crimson Romance is actively seeking new authors!

    I'm a Crimson Author. It is a great place to be!!

    All the Best,