Monday, October 29, 2012

Money, money, money!

Did that get your attention?

Good. Don't go anywhere. Crisp greenbacks are involved.

There are two giveaways that I thought I'd let you know about.

The first is at Diana's Amazing Book Adventures for a signed paperback copy of Reality Bites. Diana has a great blog. She found my book, and asked if she could post a giveaway for a signed paperback copy. Of course I said, yes! So head on over to Diana's blog before November 1, say hello, and enter the sweeps. Is this sweeps about money, you ask? Of course! Reading is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power is money! So of course it's about money! Valuable words are already being exchanged right here between us, as in You and Me. Especially if you keep reading to find out about the next shindig.

The second giveaway is at Family Focus Blog, where the owner is letting her followers and subscribers and anyone else who happens to come along enter a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card, all the while learning more about my children's books. (That's the important part, isn't it?) ;)

Fantabulous? Of course!

But remember, lightening doesn't strike twice, so make sure to try your luck at both sweeps.

Stay safe, spread the news (Karma is good that way), and have a great day!

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