Sunday, February 8, 2015

Books for middle grade and YA readers

Every once in a while, Amazon will send me book recommendations that are tuned into my past reading preferences. Sometimes those recommendations focus on women's fiction. Sometimes they focus on children's picture books. And sometimes they are tied to books for younger readers, which is no surprise since I still shop for this age-group for my nieces.  Last week I was tickled at what they sent me. The list was a fantastic assortment from fantastic writers, and as it went, my book was nestled right alongside them.

I've known for some time that my book is comparable in style to others written by Wendy Mass, Helene Boudreau, and Lauren Myracle. As writers, we are expected to be able to name other books that our own compare to in order to provide a point of reference to inquiring editors, publishers, agents, and fellow readers. But it is nice to see that mathematical statistics and processing software at Amazon back up that kind of "soft" appraisal.

Thus, if you're wondering what kind of book you might get next for your middle-grade reader, perhaps you might find a treasure or two below. Does she identify with tween angst? Tween friendship dilemmas? Perhaps a bit of magic? Or, a tidbit of budding romance? All with some humor thrown in? Well, then this list is for you, courtesy of screen captures from my phone.

Happy shopping!
And Happy Valentine's Day, too.

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