Sunday, October 14, 2018

Book Covers and the Challenge of Updating Technology

Recently I put some time into revamping my book covers for my middle grade novels. I was spurred to do this because the publishing platform where my books were created (Createspace) is being phased out and transitioned to a new platform at Amazon (KDP). Thus, I needed to create new covers because the old covers would not cross over to the new KDP platform. Plus, I figured the timing would be excellent as we are coming up on another Halloween season, where my books seem to be a hit with young readers.

However, going through this process has opened up an unpleasant can of worms, because even though I did my legwork in getting new covers created, Amazon has been a bit slow in getting its book pages and sales information uploaded in making the switch to show the new images for both the Kindle and paperback editions. The result has left me mired in frustration as the Kindle edition shows the new cover, but the paperback still shows the old cover, even though the updates were done more than 2 weeks ago.

Email inquires to Amazon resulted in an email back telling me to be patient because the updating process for the sales pages takes 72 hours..... Perhaps the customer service agent misunderstood my time line when I reported that the new covers had been uploaded and accepted by amazon two weeks ago?

Today the frustrations continued as I turned my attention to updating my blog. Now it seems my blog will not upload any new images to the side bar, where the old images sit.  For some reason, when I try to upload images from my computer, Blogger tells me I've uploaded an invalid URL....

Ugh. Maybe it's a Mac thing. I'll have to try my windows computer next.

Given that I'm at the end of my time for trying to fix this unexpected dilemma today, I will leave you with the new cover images that were created for my middle grade novels below. Rest assured, orders of the paperback from Amazon should give you a book with the new image, since that is the file uploaded with the book publication files.

Happy Sunday! I'm going to work work out my frustrations by whipping up a batch of something sweet that involves chocolate!

If you like the new covers, feel free to lift my spirits by posting a message below. Cheers!

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