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2011 Kart Kids Book List Award
2012 Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention

"Filled with catchy rhymes that impart a rhythm to the story, balancing fun and humor with a dark undercurrent of suspense." --Kirkus Reviews

"The word play is fantastic.... Everything is original and fresh." --Suzanne Morris, Kid-Lit_Reviews

"Sure to entertain!" --Bunny Cates

     When Little Red sets out to bring a cake to Grandmother's house, she promises the mirror on her wall that she won't talk to strangers. But as the shadows of the forest press around her, she finds that keeping that promise is hard to do. After all, safety is found in numbers, isn't it? 

A fractured folk tale for all ages

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  1. Absolutely a delightful read!!! Young children will definitely enjoy this new version of an old story. Original and fun!!!