Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Power of Pink

Recently, I tasted the color of pink, thanks to a frosting from Pillsbury. Although the flavor was called "pink vanilla," it was definitely heavy on "pink" and light on vanilla.... Life just gets fuller all the time, doesn't it? Because where would I be without the opportunity to contemplate the power of pink?

After reviewing the facts, I've realize I haven't given PINK the respect it deserves. More so, I've totally underestimated it.

Not only does pink have it's own flower,

it has its own fragrance from Victoria's Secret. Want to know what PINK smells like? Check it out at your nearest VS or Bath & Body Works store. This shower gel is one of my all-time favorites.

And who doesn't know what this pink ribbon stands for?

Or who owns this car?

Or, what a "pink slip" means? (Yikes!)

Pink even has its own celebrity musician.
If that isn't enough to show pink's new-found power in the world, then take a look at this...................................................
Pink construction equipment!


Now if only I could find myself a pink lawnmower. Or even, a pink hammer. Or, a pink power-drill. Surely, this world has room for one of those, if not all of them. Connections, anyone? Because I'm tickled pink at the thought.

Monday, September 13, 2010


What's in a name? A lot. Ask any parent who has looked at their baby for the first time. Or, any author who has chosen a name for a character. Names can say so much. Who can forget Severus Snape? Or, Ember's Doon? Or, Roald Dahl's Charlie Bucket?

Which is why I had to laugh when I saw the names on these football uniforms at a recent game. Who can't believe in the skills of players with names like Killer, Fat Boy, Sweetness, and Magic? Turns out this team can. According to parents of players who have gone against them, this team is dominating the Wasatch Front Football League in Utah. ...Something to think about, or at least chuckle over.