Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Top 5 reasons to love St. George in October.

1. Warm weather! After missing out on the sunny skies last weekend due to a video project that came up, I was rewarded with great weather for the last weekend of the month. It worked out perfectly since Eric was playing baseball all weekend.

2. Palm trees. Life can't be too bad, when you've got palm trees right outside the hotel room door.

3. Kneaders! Need I say more? The boys were treated to their first Kneaders soups and sandwiches. YUM!

4. 50% on Saturday nights at Kneaders. Yes, we returned for dinner here on the second night. I asked the cashier if he'd rung up the bill wrong, because it seemed way too low.... but surprise, surprise! It was 50% off! We immediately ordered seconds on dessert.

5. Finding a reason NOT to give up chocolate. ...At least, Kneader's chocolate.... After giving up beer and then coffee this year, I thought I might be ready to add chocolate to the list. But then I had one of those chocolate mint brownies from Kneaders. My son had ordered it, and I tasted it--reluctantly, because I wasn't sure I'd like it. Wham! I was wrong. Now I know what heavenly chocolate should taste like. And the timing couldn't be better, because all those Hershey's treats waiting to be given out at the door tonight definitely don't measures up. Woot!

6. Okay, so I know I was only going to give 5 reasons to like St. George, but here's another: scary movies to entertain us at night in the hotel room. Tis the season.

Trick or Treat!
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Skyping with 3rd Graders, and other giveaways

This morning was a lot of fun. I got to spend it with the 3rd graders from Amherst Street school in NH, who had read Little Red Riding Hood, Into the Forest Again. We talked about what makes a book become a favorite and they shared with me a poster they had made of one of their favorite quotes from the book.

I've also had an interview and giveaway posted at for The Ghost in Me. Readinista offers a treasure trove of information on the latest books. I highly recommend checking out her site, if you are looking for ideas for fall and winter reading lists.

Another interview and giveaway for both of my books is at This beautiful site is new. Given its focus on kids books and its wonderful layout, is definitely one to start following. I'd recommend a visit.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good News for Little Red Riding Hood!


Little Red Riding Hood, Into the Forest Again is a winning book selected for the 2011 Kart Kids Book List. It's placed on the list for middle school books (4th-6th grades).

I'm so excited! I know as parents and authors we aren't supposed to have favorites, but for me, this book was one of my favorites to write. I'm glad others have found it worthy as a favorite to read and share with kids.

One of the options for winners is to be featured on Kart Kids Radio. In order to do that, I'll need to make an audio version of the book for broadcast.

I guess it's off to the studio and other new experiences!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Good Week with Reader Reveiws

I've had a good few weeks. The sun has shined more days than not. The kids have made me laugh often. (Check out the art project one student made of my computer! It's the most adorable elephant I've ever seen!) And tasks continue to get done.

Plus! A few more readers have posted nice reviews about my books on their blogs. And I guess it makes sense. Since it IS October, The Ghost in Me has been getting some attention.

The first nod was at Melissa T Liban's blog. She is an illustrator with a unique, clean style. I just love the characters that she has created throughout her site. They are so adorable, I'd love to take one home, or at least let one take up residence on my own website. Her site is definitely one worth visiting!

The second was at Cathy Witbeck's blog. This posting was such a nice surprise to wake up to. It definitely made my day. And Cathy is right. The Ghost in Me definitely fits in with October's Hallowed Eve theme.

The Ghost in Me has also shown up on a few other sites:,,, and

And last month I posted about the wonderful review that Little Red got at

Writers couldn't go it alone in this muckity world without readers! So, THANK YOU so much to everyone who is helping get the word out!