Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bucket List

It's amazing how surprises and kindred connections can pop up in the most unlikely of places.

Last night I met with my writing group in Mantua, which happens to be one of my favorite spots in Utah. Not only is it beautiful--a small town sitting at water's edge--but a feeling of peace always seems to envelop me when I visit.

As a group, we always set goals for each other that need to be met during the two weeks that follow. While doing so, I mentioned one of my goals that I'd set for 2010, which was to learn the ins and outs of sailing. Turns out, going for a sail is on Claudia's bucket list for 2010, too. (She doesn't want to learn; she just wants to be a passenger enjoying the ride, which is all good.) And, to top that, Karen's neighbor has a boat and loves, loves, loves to take people out on it.

So, we came up with a 2010 bucket list for our writing group as a whole.

1. Go on writing retreat to Idaho cabin

2. Go sailing ... Mantua works! Time to look into boat rentals and such....Or, neighbors.

3. Go for a hot air balloon ride ... Park City, here we come!

4. Publish a book ... one for each of us!

It's a short list. Nothing too daunting, right? All we need is perseverance, and we'll get her done.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Goals

So,... here we are in 2010. Rather than make resolutions, I'm making a list of goals. Things I'm planning on for the next few months. Things to look forward to and work toward.

1. Weekend with fellow writers at Bear Lake in January, where we'll get that next cookbook done! Hurrah! Hurrah!

2. Lots of skiing with kids in February....We should have more snow, right?

3. Weekend in Vegas with daugther in March. (Why Vegas so much? Vegas is far from my favorite place on the planet, but it's funny that I'm running out of fingers to count the number of times I've been there. I owe it mostly to soccer. And books, I guess.)

4. Get back to water. Fishing should be geared up in April.

5. Spend week helping friends build their yurt as soon as the snow melts. That power drill handed down from a friend should come in handy, so long as the tape holding the battery holds up.... Make mental note...bring tape.

6. Here's a resolution... learn to sail with confidence. I mean, really learn to sail, by reading books this winter, so that when I take the tiller with my dad this summer, I can get rid of that nagging fear that I'm about to knock everyone overboard. (Because I've been there, done that,... in Boston Harbor, while crossing the finish line in a sailing race. It wasn't pretty.... And although it was many years back, some things you never forget. And although I've sailed a boat many a time since then, I've never really thoroughly enjoyed it because of that nagging doubt that I don't know what I doing. So, for 2010,'s to conquering self-doubt!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of a Loose Tooth

Okay, so living through the experience of loose teeth has never been dull in this household. From dealing with a daughter who would not pull or tug on any of her teeth until they were hanging by mere threads to coping with a son who would rip them out with fingers, or pliers if needed, at the first signs of them being loose, I'm now left with shielding the youngest of the three from their antics.

I've always hoped for a happy medium with him. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll get that. Since the older brother no longer has teeth to lose in his mouth, guess who he's turning his teeth-ripping skills on?

You guessed it. And said young son has fell victim in the past. And right now, that son has a loose tooth. And although he would very much like it out of his mouth, the memories of loosing his last tooth still burn a little too brightly in his mind. And mine.

I mentioned pliers. And I was totally serious, although my olders son's fingers have served pretty well without them as a pair of vice grips when it comes to pulling a tight tooth. This son has also resorted to other adventureous tactics--tying strings to the bathroom door, then slamming it shut with his foot (it worked on the second try--although why and how he would have repeated this feat a second time after a failed first attempt, I have no idea). And those strings remained until the doorknobs were recently changed out. There have also been heavy objects launched off the top of the stairs (tied to his tooth, of course). And who knows what else. His younger brother's fingers, I think.

Anyway, I mentioned the last tooth extraction of my youngest son. He'd had a loose tooth, and his older brother found out about it. An older brother, who knows the ins and outs of the capitalistic advantages of the tooth fairy. So, when the youngest complained about his loose tooth, he said, "Let me get it out for you."

At first, his younger brother refused, but after a bit of prodding along the lines of, "You want money, don't you? Then lie down on the floor and let me pull it out!" he finally agreed to have some help. Help that began with him lying on the floor and offering up his mouth, while his older brother straddled him and started pulling.

Yes, he pulled. Pulled and yanked and pulled some more. And he didn't stop, even though his brother writhed in pain and screamed for mercy.

Finally, the tooth yielded. My older son held it up with pride, asking, "Did I get the right one?"
The younger could only hold his mouth, and nod, and hope that he had.
"Then, that'll be a buck, please."

Yeah. The older, magnaminous brother charged his younger brother a buck. A fee for his services. Which could be paid after the tooth fairy's visit.

How much does she usually leave? A buck.

Ah, my enterprizing young sons....

We'll see what happens this time. Since my youngest has come to me many times in the past 24 hours about his tooth, I kind of get the feeling that he wants me to take care of it. He probably thinks I won't charge him.

Good thing I got that new tool kit from my folks this year. I might have my first opportunity to dig into it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yes, Happy New Year.

I won't tell you who's in this picture, but I think it says it all, as I'm sitting here staring down the dawn of 2010.

So, I've found that I like snow again. All it took was getting outside to enjoy it by doing something fun. Like skiing at the local Beaver Mountain. All the locals have been complaining there wasn't enough snow, yet--including some folks I know who work there--but wanting to get out of the valley for a change of scenery and better air, I went.

At first, I was going solo. Daughter was sick, sons were at a sleep-over and were not interested in leaving friends behind. But by the time they got home, saw me packing up, heard me talking about 6 inches of new powder, they decided to come along. Which made the day so much better. It's more fun to ski with someone else, especially a couple of boys who know how to tear it up on the slopes. And I was able to keep up, thanks to the fitness training my daughter has kept me working at for the past many months as she's worked to stay in shape for soccer. It was a great day. We found plenty of untracked powder, and even the numerous branches sticking out through the snow weren't a problem. We just turned around them.

Cheers to more of that fluffy white stuff.

Happy New Year!