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In Black Bear Country recommended for 3rd grade readers

Midwest Book Review Bookwatch, on Reality Bites

Librarians and Authors Meet on Increasing Literacy

If the Shoe Fits giveaway

Reality Bites Review

Guest post at Morgen Bailey, The rise of new genres

Books and Film Club Resources

Author Interview, Orangeberry Book Tour

Author Interview on One Writer's Journey

Video Book Review of Reality Bites with Bunny Cates

Guest post, From PDX With Love "Jam. What it is, and what it isn't"

Book Daily "The Rise of New Genres" guest post

Pensacola Book Review on

Does reading make us more human? at BloggingAuthors
Author Interview August 7th, 2012 at Another Author

Author Interview at Young Adult Promo Central

Review and Giveaway at Mom Does Reviews

Author Interview at Indie Book Promo

Writers on Writing

Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Indie Authors

Five Reasons That Make Indie Authors a Good Catch

The Internet: Uniting Today's Readers with Indie Authors

Author Interview on Michele Fogel's Blog

Festival of Words Features Collection of Storytellers

Four Up-and-Coming Young Adult Authors Read From Their Books

Little Red Riding Hood is Turning Heads Again

Kart Foundation 2011 Award Winners

Local Authors Go Digital

Top Ten Gift Books


Skype an Author Network at Wetpaint

Interview with Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

Mega Book Tour Authors Read From Their Books

Book&Film Club Handbook PBS

Simple Recipes for a Mother's Day Brunch

Ten Gifts for Book Lovers

Literary Feasts, Chicago Tribune

Dinner & a Book, WNIT Television Productions

Reading Group Guides

New Book Journal

Interview with Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

Author Interview: Shaunda Wenger

Mixing food and reading stirs a writerly trend

Comfort reading completments comfort eating

Mama Mary's Pizza Creations Recipe Contest (woot!)

Fun Family Activities: Cooking with Kids

Special Delivery: Mail a Note to Your Child

Raiding the Fridge: Book Event Will Appeal to Foodies

Much Ado About Books Conference

Utah Literary Events

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