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7 Days of Books, Day 1 Nature and Animals

Welcome! I am so excited to celebrate another #7DaysOfBooks of children's literature with recommendations, prizes, high-fives to wonderfully talented and generous authors and illustrators, and the feeling of joy that comes from sharing books with others. 

So many wonderful books are being published these days, and it is hard to get to them all. I can't think of a better gift at the holidays than a book. Or better yet, books!

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Yes, there are lots of wonderful things that come with the holidays, like spending time outdoors and indoors. Resting in order to recharge the soul. Connecting with friends and family whom we haven't seen a while. And catching up on a good story. Or a few!

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I love to give and receive books, and I especially love gifting a book on a topic that I know is a perfect match for someone I love. I hope that you'll find that kind of match among the titles I'm sharing over the next seven days. Titles that I was lucky enough to have enjoyed during the last six months. 

I'll bet that you have your own favorites, too, so please go ahead and share those titles in the comments so that I and others can check them out.

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Plus! There are some wonderful prize giveaways that you will have a chance to win! 

Just follow the steps in the DAILY rafflecopters in order to earn your chances for each day. Winners will be announced by the evening of December 10. 

And now, here we go! We'll be kicking off the #7DaysOfBooks event with books related to Nature and Animals that will inspire kids to discover and explore all that this beautiful planet--the one place in our universe that we call home--has to offer. 

Be sure to follow and support the wonderful authors who are donating for today's giveaways!

Count on Us! Climate Activists 
by Gabi Snyder, illustrated by Sarah Walsh (Barefoot Books 2022). 

This counting and ABC book highlights different actions that are being taken and can be taken to help ensure a better planet in the future. Short definitions of concepts on each page are insightful and understandable for young readers. What I love about this book is that its message isn't heavy-handed at all. It's seems like a perfect primer for caring about the world we live in, which kids will understand given their propensity to care about most anything from the get-go in their young and adorable lives. Visit the author at

A River's Gifts. The Mighty Elwha River Reborn
 by Patricia Newman, illustrated by Natasha Donovan (Millbrook Press 2022). 

Readers are treated to the restoration of not only a river that was once blocked by dams, but the restoration of a fish population that can now return all the way to its upstream spawning sites, the restoration of an indigenous people's connection to the land, and the reestablishment of ecological relationships in an entire forest and watershed ecosystem. This story is important on so many levels for helping to show readers what is possible in being caretakers of natural resources and each other. 

It's no surprise that this book was listed as one of the BEST 100 picture books of 2022 by Kirkus Reviews. Find more info about the book and author here:

Also, a curriculum guide for teachers is here:

Footprints Across the Planet by Jennifer Swanson (Reycraft Books 2022). 

This nonfiction book for young readers offers a sampling of different types of footprints that can be found on both our world and other places, like the moon and even Mars! From elephants to turtles to familiar animals like chickens, young readers are asked to consider their own impact on the world and the type of footprints they will leave behind. The stunning photographs and lyrical text are sure to engage thinking on deeper levels and insightful conversations. I loved this book and highly recommend it! See a stunning video trailer for the book here: Also, visit the author at

The Boy and the Sea 
written by Camille Andros, illustrated by Amy Bates (Abrams Books for Young Readers 2021).  

This lyrical picture book tells the story of a boy and his relationship with the sea, along with the boy's changing perspective of the world changes as he grows. At the same time, it seamlessly and quietly weaves in family relationships that span a lifetime. My favorite lines begin on the first illustrated spread and continue from there. I highly recommend this book for children who wonder about the sea and the world around them, and for the discussions that will spring forth.

The Adventures of Dr. Sloth. Rebecca Cliffe and Her Quest to Protect Sloths 
by Suzi Eszterhas (Millbrook Press 2022). 

This book introduces young reader to sloth biology, ecology, threats to their survival, and scientific research that is striving to save this animal from population decline and habitat loss. Some species of sloth are among the most critically endangered species in the world. What I love most about this book is that it shows two careers in action--that of the biologist Rebecca Cliffe, and that of the author, Suzi Eszterhas who photographed Dr. Cliffe as she worked in the wild. This is a wonderful book will nurture science identities in kids with interests in the natural world.

Tiny Dino
 by Deborah Freedman (Viking 2022). 

In this informational fiction book, a hummingbird enthusiastically shares her link to dinosaurs with her animal friends. Despite that each friend--from a turtle to a frog to a shrew--challenges the little hummingbird's claims, she carries on, spreading the news of her dinosaur links until she bumps into a cousin, who resembles a dinosaur (alligator), but isn't. Yet, they and all their friends come to recognize and celebrate the "tiny dino." Another great story for young readers that will spark discussions on our feathered, non-extinct dinosaurs that continue to roam our planet.

The Secret Life of the Sea Otter 
by Laurence Pringle, illustrated by Kate Garchinsky (Boyds Mills Press 2022).

This beautifully-illustrated, creative nonfiction story shares a world of interesting facts about sea otters through a series of interactions that an otter named Lutris has in her ocean home. The engaging text and energy-filled illustrations will draw readers into wanting to learn more about their watery world.

Caves by Nells Cross Beckerman, illustrated by Kalen Chock (Scholastic 2022). 

This book offers an absolutely fascinating tour of caves and the experiences and wonders that they offer around the world. As another book that was included on the 100 Best picture books of 2022 by Kirkus Reviews, this is definitely one you will want to get.

Luminous by Julia Kuo (Greystone Books 2022). 

As both a science teacher and a person who loves to explore the outdoors, I absolutely love this introduction to the fascinating feature of bioluminescence in surprisingly extraordinary creatures. Perfect sparking wonder and curiosity in young readers.

The Beekeepers by Dana L. Church (Scholastic 2022). Bees and Vikings? Yep! They're connected! This book is for those readers in your life that are ready for middle-grade books and above. Packed with interesting facts, this book is absolutely easy to read and accompanied by illustrations, such as maps that show the journey that bees took by boat in order to reach North America! This was something I never knew, and the learning went on from there. I highly recommend it for all readers.

And now for the giveaways! They are awesome!

1) A signed copy of Count On Us from Gabi Snyder (US address only)

2) A copy of A River's Gifts from Patricia Newman (US address only)

3) A 20-minute Ask-Me-Anything session with Patricia Newman

4) Winner choice of a 20-minute Ask-Me-Anything session with Jennifer Swanson or copy of the book to a US address.

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  1. Great books and lovely descriptions! Inspiring, informative, and adorable — you've found a great collection. I'd like to add to the list: THE ANIMAL ADVENTURER'S GUIDE by Susie Spikol and illustrated by Becca Hall.

  2. Thanks Donna! I will definitely check out this title. It is new to me. Have a great day!

  3. What gorgeous and earthy books!

  4. Love all of this! I love learning about new books.

    1. I love discovering new books, too! I hope I'll surprise you with some wonderful titles in the days ahead. Best wishes in the giveaways!

  5. All these books sound so good. I think I’ll put them all on my Christmas list!

  6. Thank you for these titles! Can’t wait to add a few to my collection!

    1. I know the feeling! My shelves are bursting, but I always find room for more.

  7. So many beautiful books to celebrate nature and animals.

    Sue Leopold

  8. This is very interesting and as a former WIFYR participant it looks like something I want to follow. These books are new to me and not mentioned on 12 x 12.

    1. WIFYR is fantastic, along with 12x12. I'm so glad you found some new books. Be sure to come back tomorrow to check out day 3!

  9. I almost missed this year's 7 Days of Books. I'm glad I saw it mentioned on Twitter, and now I'm eager to catch up on your recommendations.

  10. This is a great collection of nf titles!

  11. Such an awesome giveaway and what a wonderful list of books! Happy Holidays to all!

  12. This list of books is awesome! Thank you for offering up this fabulous group of nature-oriented books. Adding to my list of library holds!


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