Wednesday, July 6, 2022

We have Winners in the #7DaysOfBooks for Children Celebration


Thank you so much to everyone who participated and supported our authors and each other in the 7 Days of Books celebration. It was so much fun to read your comments on the blog and out in social media. I wish I could send everyone who stopped by a copy of all the books!

Fortunately, there is a back-up for all of us! Your local libraries can a be huge resource for new books for young readers. They especially like to purchase books that their patrons are interested in, so if you have a chance, visit your library and let them know which titles you'd like to see on the shelves, if they aren't sitting there already.

And without further ado, here are our WINNERS! Winners will be notified by email with more info.

Day 1 Humor

Nelly Nunez:  A copy of DONUT from author Laura Gehl, illustrated by Andrea Zuill

Ashely Sierra: A copy of CHICKEN BREAK from author Cate Berry, illustrated by Charlotte Alder

Jessica Seitz: A PB critique or a copy of GET READY, MAMA! from author Sharon Giltrow, illustrated by Arielle Li

Day 2 Nature and Animals

Jessica Milo: A copy of WAKE, SLEEPY ONE from author Lisa Kerr, illustrated by Lisa Powell

Jenna Johnson: A PB critique from Michal Babay, author of I'M A GLUTEN-SNIFFING SERVICE DOG, illustrated by Ela Smietanka

Jennifer DuBose: A PB critique from Jen Lynn Bailey, author of THIS IS THE BOAT THAT BEN BUILT, illustrated by Maggie Zen

Becca Morfeld: A copy of OUT OF THE BLUE from author Elizabeth Shreeve, illustrated by Fran Preston-Gannon

Day 3 Persistence, Resilience, and Inspiration

Cathy Sheafor: A 20 min author chat or virtual classroom visit with Janie Reinart, author of WHEN WATER MAKES MUD, illustrated by Morgan Taylor

Reed Hilton-Eddy: A 20 min author chat or virtual classroom visit with Debbie Zapata, author of UP AND ADAM, illustrated by Yong Ling Kang

Day 4 Social-Emotional Learning

Jasmine Fang: A copy of AMERICAN DESI from author Jyoti Rajan Gopal, illustrated by Supriya Kelkar

Hannah Roy LaGrone: A virtual classroom visit or copy of THE HAPPIEST KID from author Sarah Bagley Steele, illustrated by Clarice Yunyi

Janet Sheets: A copy of BLOB from author & illustrator Anne Appert

Aimee Satterlee: A copy of DANCING IN THATHA'S FOOTSTEPS from author Srividyha Venkat, illustrated by Kavita Ramchandran

Stephanie Maksymiw: A copy of BRAVE IN THE WATER from author Stephanie Wildman, illustrated by Jenni Feidler-Aguilar

Day 5 STEM/Historical Nonfiction

CK Malone: A 30-min Q&A with Lynne Marie, author of THE THREE LITTLE PIGS AND THE ROCKET PROJECT, illustrated by Wendy Fedan

Aubrey Allie: A copy of A PENNY'S WORTH from author Kimberly Wilson, illustrated by Mark Hoffman

Ryann Jones: A PB critique from author Julia Lyon or a copy of A DINOSAUR NAMED RUTH illustrated by Alexandra Bye

Day 6 Family Relationships, Culture, & Traditions

Steena Hernandez: A author chat or copy of TOGETHER WE RIDE from author Valerie Bolling, illustrated by Kaylani Juanita

Susan Johnston Taylor: A copy of TOFU TAKES TIME from author Helen Wu, illustrated by Julie Jareema

Brenna Jeanneret: A copy of WILD AND BEAUTIFUL from author Amanda Esch-Cormier, illustrated by Naya Krichenko

Day 7 Problem-Solving

Jane Martin: An Ask Me Anything zoom meet with Elisa Boxer, author of ONE TURTLE'S LAST STRAW, illustrated by Marta Alavarez Miguens

Emily Holewczynski: A copy of LILA LOU'S LITTLE LIBRARY from author Nikki Bergstresser, illustrated by Sejung Kim

Katie Mahood: A copy of BUGS FOR BREAKFAST and tasty book swag from author Mary Boone

Stephanie Owen: CAYUGA ISLAND KIDS BOOK 3 SWAG from author Judy Bradbury

And That's a WRAP!  

Congratulations to all our winners. Keep Reading, Keep Sharing, Keep Supporting!

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