Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A Book for Every Child: The Boy Who Grew a Forest by Sophia Gholz and Kayla Harren


There is something extraordinary about a boy who grows a forest, and yet, it was a task so simply done. Day by day. Plant by plant. Visit by visit. Through patience, dedication, and persistence, a thriving ecosystem came into existence. All because a young boy decided to take action and fix something that was broken. 

The Boy Who Grew a Forest is based on the efforts of Jadav Payeng. who sprouted a thriving ecosystem on the Brahmaputra River in northeastern India. 

The combination of Sophia Gholz's beautiful prose and Kayla Harren's wonderful illustrations have created a picture book that will capture the imagination of young readers and fuel inspiration for their own ventures.

As children begin a new school year after the difficult experiences of 2020, The Boy Who Grew a Forest is a must-have for the reading corner. As a teacher who strives to connect learning and living in today's world, I highly recommend this incredible book for delivering seeds of hope, values, compassion, and creativity.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Seven days, Seven books. Day 7. Beautiful Shades of Brown by Nancy Churnin, Illustrated by Felicia Marshall

Hooray for day 7, where you don't get just one picture book, but two!

Author Nancy Churnin has two beautiful picture books published so far this year, so I decided to feature both.

Beautiful Shades of Brown, The Art of Laura Wheeler Waring, is a beautifully told and illustrated book about an artist from the late 1800s who grew up painting black people and mixing paints in just the right way to capture the true color of their skin. After studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and in Paris, Laura grew up to see her work hung in Washington, D.C.'s National Portrait Gallery.

Nancy Churnin's gorgeous text will inspire profound thinking and creativity in children with lines like:
Maybe you didn't see brown in a rainbow, she thought. But brown was a rainbow with orange and blue, red and green, tucked inside playing hide-and-seek.

This next book written by Nancy Churnin, For Spacious Skies: Katherine Lee Bates and the Inspiration for "America the Beautiful," is illustrated by Olga Baumert. This picture book tells the story of the woman who wrote the beloved and inspiring song, America the Beautiful.

Spanning history from the civil war to reconstruction to women's right to vote, the experiences and passions of Katherine Lee Bates brings the stanzas of "America the Beautiful" to life.