Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Surf's Up!

Soccer, surf, and taking in the coast at Dana Point, California. A Thanksgiving tournament that was a lot of fun with friends.  Good job to the Infinity Girls U16 soccer team!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Audiobook Bootcamp for Little Red Riding Hood

I can't believe I had it in me, but I actually made an audio recording in mp3 format of Little Red Riding Hood, Into the Forest Again. Why did I put myself through such pain and suffering (never having done this before?) It's all because of that big word called Opportunity. Last month Little Red made it onto the 2011 Kart Kids Book List. As it turns out, Little Red may be selected to be read on Kart Kids Radio sometime in December and/or throughout 2012.  So...... That sounds pretty exciting. Thus, I learned how to do all this technical stuff in the span of one weekend, in my sound-studio-slash-office. I think I'm beginning to love technology, or at least my computer's end of it, which I didn't know was so handy and capable....to think I've had it for more than a year... I feel like we're just beginning to get to know each other.

If I get brave, I'll post a sample of the audio file here. Who knows? Maybe it will come in handy for a kid or two that you know who is travelling over the holidays.

Oh, and I almost forgot,.... Kirkus Reviews magazine, which claims to hold the toughest children's book critics in the industry, gave Little Red Riding Hood, Into the Forest Again a nice review! Whoot! They wrote: "Wenger’s tale is filled with catchy rhymes that impart a rhythm to the story, balancing fun and humor with a dark undercurrent of suspense. ...A fun fairy tale with an enduring message: friends come in all shapes and sizes—and they all love cake."

Happy reading, writing, and eating, everyone!