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7 Days of Books for Children, Day 6 Family Relationships, Culture, and Traditions

Welcome back to Day 6 with children's books that share stories of Family Relationships, Culture, and Traditions.

In today's list, I see one common thread that rings clear: family relationships are all about creating cherished memories together and caring for one another. Given that this is both a singular and universal experience that all humans hold, it's my hope that sharing these types of stories with young readers plants a seed for mutual understanding and respectful curiosity for what lies at the root of all of our planet's diverse families: Love. 

Believing that we can all recognize similarities in each other, in a sea of numerous traditions and upbringings, is certainly something to be celebrated.

As we ease into Day 6, here is a quote that resonates with me.

    "Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life." - Albert Einstein

    Happy reading, Happy requesting, Happy sharing!

Below you'll find 3 giveaways from authors Valerie Bolling, Helen Wu, and Amanda Esch-Cormier

Together We Ride written by Valerie Bolling, illustrated by Kaylani Juanita (Chronicle Books 2022). 

Once again Valerie Bolling has created another wonderful book that tells a story in sparse, rhyming text, which Kaylani pulls together in joyful illustrations. 

The story in this case is of a bicycle ride that is shared between a father and daughter, and then afterward, with the whole family. The words and pictures work seamlessly together. The simple rhyming text lends itself to building confidence in beginning readers. This book is one that will be enjoyed again and again. 

Tofu Takes Time written by Helen Wu, illustrated by (Yeehoo Press 2022). 

This story offers a tender exploration of a child's and grandmother's special relationship with tofu as they prepare it from scratch together. The impatience and perspective of the child is spot-on, along the patience and love from the grandmother. I was especially drawn to the child-like imaginings and lyrical prose that connected the steps of the recipe with elements of the natural world. 

All in all, this story will satisfy any young reader and spark a curiosity about what might be explored in their own kitchens, as well as those of others.

Wild and Beautiful 
written by Amanda Esch-Cormier, edited by Sarah Fabiny, illustrated by Naya Kirichenko (Little Adventures Press 2021). 

This tender story reads as a love letter from mother to child as memories are reminisced and hopes for the future are shared. The artwork in this book is absolutely stunning, and the loving and lyrical message rings from the pages like a song. It's a perfectly comforting book to share with a child at anytime of day.

When Lola Visits
written by Michelle Sterling, illustrated by Aaron Asis (Katherine Tegen Books 2021). 

This story, told through a bounty of similes and metaphors, a young child sets scenes of how she enjoys summer when her Lola visits from the Philippines. Steeped with lyrical language that soaks joy into each activity they share, this book will pull at the heart strings in all readers--young and old alike--and leave them longing to make memories of their own with each other. 

We Wait for the Sun written by Dovey Johnson Roundtree and Katie McCabe, illustrated by Raissa Figueroa (Roaring Brook Press 2021). 

This picture book is based on a story that Dovey Johnson Roundtree liked to tell about nighttime walks she took with her grandmother to pick blackberries in the forest, and how when the picking was over, they waited to enjoy the dawn together. 

Dovey Johnson Roundtree was born in Charlotte, NC, in 1914 and grew up to become a legendary civil rights attorney, which makes this lyrical story all the more wonderous and beautiful. 

Fishing with Grandpa and Skye written by Candace Spizzirri, illustrated by Beverly Love Warren (Spork Publishing 2022). 

Like the girl in this story, I also created special memories while fishing with my grandfather on a lake in Minnesota. With our time in the boat, there was always the joke of the big one that got away, the waiting and anticipation for a bite on the hook, and then the thrill of reeling one in. This lovely story captures all that. 

Readers will be inspired to make their own special memories together with a grandparent or parent, and speaking from experience like that of the author's, hopefully that will be on a lake in summer time!

Powwow Day
written by Traci Sorrel, illustrated by Madelyn Goodnight (Charlesbridge 2022). 

The combination of the lyrical language, sounds, and illustrations work together in this book to create an absolutely amazing reading experience for young children as they connect with River, a native American child who is working on recovering from illness. However, as she prepares to attend the celebratory Powwow day, she's anxious over whether she will be able to join in the dances and participate as she has done in the past. 

One of the many layers of this tender story involves discovering how we can both connect to and care for each other. Which in itself, is a beautiful thing.

Goodnight Ganesha written by Nadia Soloman, illustrated by Poonam Mistry (Viking Books for Young Readers 2021). 

One word to describe this story of nighttime routine for two children visiting their grandparents in India is this: STUNNING. 

The lyrical text, the gorgeous illustrations, the loving bonds and sentiments that come through on the pages amount to a wonderful bedtime experience. This book will evoke warm-hearted emotions in any child before being tucked in at night, no matter the cultural routines. Most certainly it will ignite a spark for special bedtime routines to be added to families that connect over stories at the end of the day.

I Dream of Popo written by Livia Blackburne, illustrated by Julio Kuo (Roaring Brook Press 2021).

"She whispers to me in a voice soft as bird song." 

This tender tale of the special bond between a Taiwanese girl and her grandmother and how it changes when the young girl's family moves away to San Francisco is for any reader who has experienced the feelings of separation. The beautiful similes and emotions found in this book shouldn't be missed. You'll want to share this story with your young readers. 

The Whole World Inside Nan's Soup written by Hunter Liguore, illustrated by Vikki Zhang (Yeehoo Press 2021). 

I could have put this book with the nature category, but it landed here to remind readers of the special bonds that can be formed in the kitchen through the stories and experiences that can be shared from parents and grandparents to children. In this story the interconnectedness of living things--from seeds to gardeners to the sun to the delivery systems and more are explored as a grandmother recounts all the numerous things that went into the pot of soup she is cooking on the store. This book is a wonderful example of the power of story and the spirit of childhood imagination, as well as the most important thing that is shared between a grandparent and child.

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3) A copy of Tofu Takes Time from author Helen Wu.

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  5. Great list! We own together we ride and love it :)

  6. So many books I can’t wait to share with my little one! He’s only 13 months, but I want him to grow up seeing the beautiful diversity of our world.
    Hannah Roy LaGrone

  7. The family in DANCING WITH DADDY by Anitra Rowe Schulte and Ziyue Chen is depicted with such warmth and love.

  8. I just requested Tofu Takes Time from my library.

  9. Yes, it's important to celebrate family relationships! Just read I Dream of Popo and When Lola Visits.

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