Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another blog, and interview

Okay, so life has been a bit crazy the past few months, and while surfing the web this morning, catching up on what my writer friends have been doing, I realized I forgot to share an interview that I did with Lori Nawyn in August. August.

The calendar tells me that was 2 months ago.... To me, it seems like that was merely days ago, or at least a handful of them. But, if you're interested, you can check out the interview here, as well as the other useful and insightful posts and interviews she has. Hopefully, I'll soon have good news to share on some of the projects I talked about. (Fingers crossed!)

Lori has her own good news. The book she illustrated, What Are You Thinking?, written by Valerie Ackley, is a 2009 National Best Books Awards finalist. What a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations to Lori and Valerie!

Make it a great day, everyone.

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