Sunday, July 29, 2012

We Bought a Zoo!!

Not really.

But this is my new favorite movie. My son and I watched We Bought a Zoo over the weekend, and it was fantastic. Definitely worth time invested. Yeah, I know it's on DVD now. That's how we watched it. Better late than never, especially in this case.

It think one quote from the movie will be my new mantra. (or maybe it always has been, but it's nice to hear it expressed in such a profound way on the screen).

"20 seconds of courage is all you need for success."

And here is another exchange I found particularly endearing (although don't quote me on either of these lines; they are from memory):

"I don't ever know what to say to you."

"I don't ever know what to say to you, either."

"Maybe we should just speak for each other then, and say what the other person can't, or isn't."

As for other things of no particular importance, I've decided I'll close this post with a short nod at smiles. Smiles are just one of those simple gifts that get shared around the world every day. They open doors, they start friendships, they set nerves at ease. So until then, my friends, Smile loud and Smile big. The world is waiting.

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