Friday, August 10, 2012

(My) Utah Garden... This is the place?

Going away in summer during peak garden production is always a bit of a personal tug-of-war for me. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to NH and will NEVER EVER give up this annual summer trip EVER, I do regret missing out on the reaping the rewards of my early spring efforts.

The return home always brings its surpises, though. Here are a few of the visuals I found this year. Mainly, I discovered that the seed source for the produce growers this year were a bit mis-marked.

(Not the brocolli I planted)

 (not the neighbor I left)

 (not the zuchinni that I planted...)

Nevertheless, I am finding it a bit difficult, as always, to keep up with the picking.

Time to call the neighbors!

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