Monday, July 6, 2020

Seven books, seven days. Day 4. Dusk Explorers by Lindsay Leslie, Illustrated by Ellen Rooney

After a short holiday break, I'm back on schedule with Dusk Explorers, a book I'm sure will resonate with many readers given all the "dusk explorers" I saw enjoying the last hours of daylight with family and friends over the weekend.

From neighborhood hide-and-seek games to catching fireflies to climbing among the branches of trees, Dusk Explorers written by Lindsay Leslie and illustrated by Ellen Rooney shows wonderful memories that can be made in childhood, while hinting at the sense of community and connections we have to each other and the natural world.

Ellen Rooney's fantastic illustrations capture the joy of discovery and friendship that can be found on every curb or patch of grass.

Dusk Explorers is highly recommended to inspire the young people in your life to discover what awaits outdoors.

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