Thursday, December 30, 2021

7 Days of Books, Winner Winners!

We have winners from the 7 Days of Books Sharing Event!

💫  Thank you so much to those who stopped by to add their favorite books to the lists I put together each day.

I live in a rural area, with access to a small library, so I find a lot of my books through lists and recommendations like those shared here. Thank you so much for spreading the joy for children's literature which I believe can put any child on the path to a fulfilling life well-lived.

And now for the Winner Reveal!

Janet Frenck Sheets 😃

Melissa D  😀

Michelle Steinberg 😁

Thank you for participating! 💖

I have begun sending messages via Twitter.

If you haven't seen one, DM me there.

Happy New Year! 

Happy New Reading!

Happy New Wishes for all!

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