Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recipe for Lemon Tart? Or, murder....

Contests always make me nervous, because as a rule, I never win anything.... So long as you don't count the time when I was 11 and had some mysterious, mystic connection with a set of dice being rolled at an carnival booth.

Yes, that one and only time, I got lucky, and somehow kept placing my quarters on the numbers about to be thrown....After starting with $1, and walking away with about $20, I think the booth manager started kissing the ground when he finally saw me go. Because more than a few people had caught on to how I'd been doing, and started following my bets....For a while, that booth was the happiest place on the boardwalk, if not the planet.

But anyway, back to contests.

Want to win a free book? Better yet, want to win a really good free book?

Then, check out Anne Bradshaw's blog, for an easy chance to win Lemon Tart, the first novel in a new culinary mystery series by author, Josi Kilpack. Looks tempting, doesn't it?
I, for one, can't wait to dive in.
But for now, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I get lucky and beat you to it!


  1. Wow! You've been busy...nice blog! I'm about to invade Logan with a bunch of students. Hopefully I can shake loose from my chaperone duties to say hi!


  2. That would be wonderful! You can fill me in on all that you've been doing in Colorado. I miss the Front starts warming up soon there, doesn't it?

  3. So sorry you didn’t win the give-away on my blog this week at Not Entirely British.

    Thanks for taking part. Hope you will enter again soon. The latest contest is for 2 books and a CD!


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