Monday, March 9, 2009

I Challenge Thee....

Well, maybe not thee.


I challenge HE.

Mr. Groundhog. To a duel.

Because that furry, brown rascal brought winter back to my door. And just to make sure I hadn't forgotten what winter looks like, he brought a whopping two feet of it.

This is how it went:

I woke this morning and had to shovel through 10 inches to get to my truck. Something I was not expecting at all, so in order to even begin, I had to march back inside and get my snowboots. I felt so juvenille...wearing snowboots to work. Big, black rubber ones, with a not-so-attractive, tan-suede upper. Any way you work it, black rubber does not make beautiful footwear. But it does keep the toes warm and dry, which makes the day doable.

But I digress. Because after coming home from work, I had to trudge through another 10 inches to get to my house.

Yeah, I know. Ten plus 10 does not add up to two feet. But, given the fact that it's still snowing, I think I can take the liberty of tacking on a few inches. Plus, I still need to go out again.

But before I do, I'm leaning toward curling up with a cup of hot chocoloate and watching the snow fall a little bit more. And then, maybe if I'm really comfortable, I'll wait and sit around, watching and waiting for the snow melt.


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  1. That doesn't much sound like a hardy New Englander...has Utah made you a little soft...?


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