Monday, March 16, 2009

A quick update...

I attended a children's writers conference at UVU last week. Shannon Hale (Goose Girl, Princess Academy, Book of a Thousand Days) gave the keynote address, which pretty much kept me laughing for about 30 minutes--she's quite entertaining, to say the least. And inspiriing. I loved her favorite quote:

"Fairy tales don't tell us that dragons exist. They tell us that dragons can be defeated."

G.K Chesterson said that. And I think it's pretty cool.

Other than that, Shannon said she keeps on top of her writing by setting daily goals, and then making them. ... Something I should start doing. Work, of late, has gotten sorely in the way. BUT! With my new-found inspiration, that will change.

Happy Spring, everyone. The snow is melting and the air is quickly growing warm.

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  1. I LOVE that quote, I'm going to use it, I love Shannon Hale too!