Friday, August 6, 2010

Living, Loving New Hampshire

I've been back in Utah for a while now, land-locked, but adjusting to life without Lake Winnipesaukee out the back door. The week in New Hampshire was finished off with a few more "firsts."

First time handling the sailboat in strong wind for a couple hours without handing the reins over to dad.

First time water-skiing for daughter (woot!)

First time attending church on Bear Island--yes, we had to get there by boat, then hike the half mile to the church at the top of the hill.

First time water-skiing back home from church.

First time I actually considered the merits of lake-front property in the form of a rock. A rather large, unoccupied rock that sat on the wooded lakeshore. Any other rock in any other old place might not have value, but this one, I'm guessing is special.... It has a view. It offers a solid foundation for a house. It probably is available. The only problem is, it probably won't be mine unless I can dig up a sweet mill or two. You see, rocks--particularly those lakeside, or even within the lake, are prime real estate. Plenty of houses have been built on rock, like this one that happens to be its own island.... I'd like that. Some fine day.... Heck, if I had my rock, I'd be happy with a hammock--two poles sunk in the granite with a net strung between them. That'd be enough for me. For a while anyway. With a boat moored off-shore a wee bit away.

It's amazing that after going to the lake for so many years, I can still find so many firsts to experience.

As for the rest of summer, it's back to tackling projects--finishing up some old ones (hoping to get those manuscripts out the door) and jumping into some new ones. Haven't had much time to fish lately, but maybe I'll find a bit of time on the rafting trip next week that my school administrators are hosting. Idaho! Here we come! Sorry, kids, I think you'll enjoy a day of school without us. The sacrafices teachers have to make every now and then.....

Happy days!

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