Monday, February 14, 2011

Picture Book Marathon

Given the hour, I'm not sure what day it is in the picture book marathon.  Today, I didn't get a new pb written, but I did work on revising the proof copy of Little Red Riding Hood: Into the Forest Again. This is a chapter book for ages 7-10, and I'm hoping it will be ready for publication by the middle of March.

Little Red Riding Hood was a favorite bedtime story of mine when I younger. I loved Little Red's bravery as she set out to walk throught the forest by herself to visit her grandmother. This sequel came to me one sunny winter's day in February 2007. I loved all of the characters as they met Little Red, but Big Bad surprised me the most.

Here is the cover, based on today's changes. It shows both the back and front sides of the cover.

Other than that, I am so amazed at the talent and skill of other Utah authors and illustrators. Julie Olsen and Will Terry announced the release of a new picture book as an application for ipad and iphone users that allows the interactive viewing of children's picture books. I'm so impressed with the direction that digital books are taking. This is yet another way to enjoy literature, while embracing the world's expansion into new technologies. Check this app out at I bet this will be a much-loved application of parents who travel with toddlers, but want to lighten their load with the books/entertainment they carry.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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