Thursday, February 17, 2011

Picture Book Marathon

I am floating somewhere in the midst of the middle of the marathon, realizing I may only finish a half-marathon, but I'm totally digging that, especially since this month's running has been piggy-backed with the release of The Ghost in Me, and readying the release of Little Red Riding Hood, Into the Forest Again. It's been busy. And Little Red would be ready to go, but I need to find a pdf conversion program that will not compress the resolution of my images inside the book to a quality that is lower than 300dpi. (IF ANYONE has any SUGGESTIONS on this, please send them my way. I would be so appreciative!)

Aside from that FRUSTRATION, I'm completely thrilled with the picture books I have drafted so far, and can't wait until I can dive into creating them sometime in the next couple months!

I have so much going on right now in my life, it is crazy! I hope someday I feel like I'm getting it all done.

Love you all,

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  1. follow-up... apparently, I solved the problems with the images, based on feedback from latest file submission. Ordering the proof copy to see how it goes. Fingers crossed!