Friday, February 24, 2012

To put a FUSE to the Muse

You've heard this phrase before: "Feed the muse."

Writers, painters, actors, and creative peoples in general are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to keep the creative juices flowing, myself included. Recently, I was asked what I did to inspire my creative soul. Did I take walks? Listen to soothing music? Study the stars?

Uh, no. I'm not so artsy-idylic as that. Instead, I keep it simple.

Basically, I drink Rockstar... stock Rockstar (yes, the drink)... think like a Rockstar... and play like a Rockstar. You see, the mind is a powerful thing, and I like to boost it up in as many fun and legal and legitimate ways I can think of (within reason). The adrenaline rush I get in return gives me the confidence, drive, and endurance I need in pursuing all my goals, including those related to writing.

How do I play like a Rockstar? Well,  I do things that normal, responsible persons normally wouldn't do like...

1. Defy gravity whenever possible. For example, in winter, I challenge myself on the ski slope by thinking I can tackle any steep mogul run that gets in my way by keeping  my skis actually pointed downhill, and then I make myself ski that way (downhill) (yes, tricky, I know), even though I may lack all forms of grace in the process.

2. Defy the limits of biochemistry. Specifically, MY biochemistry. This is particularly helpful when I feel like I'm spinning my wheels with a story. What do I do? I run myself into the ground (literally) by running to the gym. The kickback is a special bonus if I happen to accomplish this task in cold weather, when every muscle, including my all-powerful, yet not-so-indomitable-brain, would rather not cooperate. Then when I reach my destination, I let myself feel impressed with having done something that was in its own small way, (not so) amazing.

3. Defy boundaries. Normally I'm a shy person. Reaching out to connect with other people, whether it be simply making small talk in line at the supermarket or making a comment on a new blog I've visited, rejuvenates my spirit. In a way, it's reassuring to realize that we're all human, despite living among one or two awkward monkeys, or llamas, or turtles, or whathaveyou.

All in all, keeping the little things in life sparkling with a daily dose of renewed energy helps keep the well brimming when it comes to tackling my daily writing goals, which in turn, extends into all other parts of my life.
Putting a fuse to the muse... I've found, can be a very fun thing.


  1. What a remarkable post, Shaunda! I'm going to have to reflect on your inspiring outlook on things and see where I might be able to emulate that spirit in myself.
    My days are usually pretty straight forward: 11 hour day job with lots of coffee; lots of music throughout; squeezing in all of the writing and networking that I can fit in before bed, with some wine to attempt to relax before then. Should I substitute one of those beverages for a Rockstar? Hmm? Which one? ;)
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks so much, James! I can relate to that kind of day, but thank goodness my day job is a bit shorter. I definitely highly recommend ditching the coffee. (But don't drink rockstar the same way. You'll just need to nurse it throughout the day.) : ) Next decision? What'll you do with all that money you save on not buying coffee? Find a way to defy gravity......... ;)


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