Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Book and Concert by Tyler Whitesides

Some people go through life never knowing who their neighbors are.

As it turns out, I am lucky not to be one of those people; although I suppose it's hard to avoid stopping and getting to know your neighbor (out of sheer curiosity) after seeing him drum away on a few toilets, desks, and paint cans in his driveway -- and have company while doing it, at  that!

Yes, that is the story of how I came to know Tyler Whitesides, author of the Janitors series.

Apparently, Tyler openly embraces his craziness when it comes to creating music with his fellow band-mates, and I can tell you that he has been practicing quite religiously for his latest "percussion" show in association with the upcoming release of the third Janitors book. So far, his rehearsals have drawn a steady and growing crowd, myself being one among them.

Can I call myself a groupie? Do I dare?

I will say that as far as the show goes, I've heard parts of it, I've seen parts of it, and it's going to be awesome when Tyler finally takes the stage on the 13th at Logan High. I can't wait!

Crazy as it sounds, I've never met anyone who can beat out a really cool tune on a set of school desks or toilets, and I believe I will never meet anyone else in the future who can boast such talents, but I am lucky to know THE ONE guy who can do just that. And the fact that he is an amazing, talented and successful writer, as well as an all-around super friendly person, is simply icing on the cake.

Tyler will be celebrating his upcoming book release on Friday at Logan High School at about 7 pm in the evening. His unique concert will be followed by a book-signing and book-begetting event.

Wherever your interests lie, this is an event that music-lovers and book-lovers will not want to miss.

See you soon!


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