Sunday, January 26, 2014

Music for Sunday

Apparently, I need to start getting back into the habit of posting music for Sundays on a regular basis, if I want to stay in the loop of the Indie music scene. The first music video I am sharing below is a prime example of one good reason why. ... >>> I had no idea Chase Kimball could sing! He has such an amazing voice, which complements singer/songwriter Keiyana Osmond so well. You see, this young man used to be a playmate of my daughter's, and they began toddling around the neighborhood when they were 3 and 4. Plus, I love Maroon 5, so it all adds up to a perfect pleasant little surprise.

I've featured Keiyana's original music video previously, Dancin on a Wire here.

The other music video I am sharing for Sunday features a blend of classical music and loons. Yes, those beautiful, haunting melodies of one of Earth's most ancient birds. These are the sounds that I wake up to on summer mornings in New Hampshire. They also help tuck in the evening at the end of a good day. I miss hearing their songs immensely, and can not wait until I return to Lake Winnipesaukee once again. Jim Irwin's music with loons is also a nod to the latest novel I am working on, set in New Hampshire. I hope to have it done by summer's end. Enjoy!

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