Sunday, January 24, 2021

Seven days, Seven books. Day 2, Looking for Smile by Ellen Tarlow, illustrated by Lauren Stringer

 Bear and Smile were always together.

And so begins Ellen Tarlow and Lauren Stringer's picture book, Looking for Smile, a story about a bear and his Smile, who fills him with happiness in all that he does throughout his day.

Bear and Smile go on many happy adventures together. But one morning begins differently.

I love this profound story of the dark days that both children and adults can experience. Like Bear, I remember the joy that simply waking up brought me as a young child, and how that joy followed me, along with expectation, as I stepped outdoors to find unplanned adventure and discovery. But I also knew sad days, too, and those were harder to navigate. 

Ellen and Lauren's story brings shape and form to this type of universal experience without prescription, and instead leaves the reader with hope and understanding that good days follow the bad ones.

I highly recommend Looking for Smile.

If you want to add this title to your collection or gift it to someone you love, consider shopping at your local independent book store. Here is mine, The King's English, in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

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