Thursday, January 28, 2021

Seven days, Seven books. Day 5. On Account of the Gum by Adam Rex


As a parent, I can attest to having lived through the experience of dealing with gum caught in the hair of at least one of my children. I won't say who, but if you were to guess any of their names, you would be right.

Although I'm sorry to admit that our experience in the detangling of gum was not nearly as fun as the romp that Adam Rex brings his readers on in his new picture book, On Account of the Gum (Chronicle Books).

If you think you know how this story goes, because you've had children, or know young children, or are a professional gum chewer, I can assure you that you are wrong. And I can most assuredly say that I'm right in asserting that when you read this book, you will be surprised at what happens,... all because of the gum.

Any child will love this book, and if they don't laugh out loud or gasp at the illustrations, then perhaps they need a little reining in, because their life probably is far more wild than I could ever have dreamed, or Adam Rex could have thought up....Maybe. I can't really speak for him. But I do speak for myself, and I highly recommend this book! 


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