Tuesday, June 29, 2021

7 Days, 7 Books, Day 3. SOAKED by Abi Cushman

The books on yesterday's blog post allowed for deductive reasoning in young readers. Today's books provide a chance for higher order thinking skills. 

Wait! Don't let these nerdy teacher phrases make you nervous. Bear with me, PUN intended! 

Because look at this cover!

Aren't these animals adorable! And that umbrella! I must get myself that bee-utiful umbrella!

But don't worry, the books I'm sharing don't need to make you smart or anything. 

They are wonderful enough to enjoy for the pure pleasure of reading.

What I love about SOAKED is that at first glance, it doesn't seem to be about a science topic in any way. (No need to scare off the children). In fact, it seems to be more hinged on emotion given that its main character is a glum bear who reminds me of Eyeore from Winnie the Pooh who is trying to pass the time with friends on a rainy day. 

Yet, science teachers like me will quickly recognize that all of the elements of the water cycle shine through in the illustrations, which can instantly turn this book into a fun treasure hunt for evidence of processes like evaporation, precipitation, infiltration, interception, condensation, saturation, adhesion, and cohesion, as well as properties of water like universal solvency and dissolution, etc. 

Another wonderful book to pair with SOAKED is WATER IS WATER, A Book About the Water Cycle written by Miranda Paul and illustrated by Jason Chin. I suggest following up reading and discussion of both of these books with sipping apple juice! Read these books to find out why! Enjoy!

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